Golfers. Is lateral rotation effecting your swing?

Or, more correctly, a ‘lack’ of rotation.

A new case study (2013) has shown a correlation between a lack of hip rotation and lower back pain in recreational golfers.

So if that swing is not quite how it used to be, or, worse still, you are losing time on the golf course because of a ‘bad back’ and all those massage sessions are not helping then maybe its time to rethink.

It’s tempting with any injury to treat the area that hurts. Seems obvious. But just because it ‘hurts here’ doesn’t mean that’s were the problem is arising. In fact the findings of the case study are not really that surprising. The body is complex and the way in which the various ‘bits’ can have an effect on each other has long been accepted.

In our first consultation we will discuss current and past medical history and lifestyle. We will assess Range of Movement (ROM), including that lateral rotation of the hips!.

Understanding and appreciating these inter-connections is an essential part of formulating a treatment plan. We can address any deficiencies on ROM, any soft tissue imbalance and those annoying ‘sore spots’ by selecting from a range of more advanced massage techniques. You will be given Home care advice so that those periods between treatments are not wasted time.

Oh, and the same principles can be applied to anyone, not just those budding Tiger Woods.

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