New Years resolutions

Happy New Year everyone.

It’s that time when many of us commit to life style changes for the forth coming year. I’m never entirely sure why we have to wait for a new year to embark on these changes but it seems we all do it. Many of us will attempt changes that are unsustainable, quick fix diets instead of longer term healthy eating plans based around lifestyle and family for example, or, blitzing the gym with exercise routines that for many become repetitive and quickly lead to a loss of motivation. Instead discover an activity that is really fun, sociable and inspiring. Social activity has been shown to improve mental health so why not find something you can share with others and improve on both physical and mental well-being.

Sudden changes in activity levels place demands on body and mind that can set in motion feelings of tiredness and and fatigue. Recovery is essential for a holistic approach to a healthier new you. Even the elite athletes factor in recovery time. Without it improvements in fitness levels cannot be maintained, injuries are more common and much hard work can be undone.

Soft tissue therapy is an excellent way to enhance recovery. Muscle soreness can be reduced, range of motions can be preserved or improved, minds can be rested and re-focused and a better understanding of your own body can be achieved.

Why not give me a call (07739355791) and book a massage either as a home visit or at my clinic near Trent Bridge in Nottingham to enable you to continue the new you beyond the first few months of 2019.


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