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Nijmegen Questionnaire

Nijmegen Questionnaire The Nijmegen questionnaire gives a broad view of symptoms associated with dysfunctional breathing patterns. It is only a preliminary guide to breathing training. Please ring the score that best describes the frequency with which you experienced the symptoms listed Symptom Never Seldom Sometimes Often Very Often Chest pain 0 1 2 3 4

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Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder? Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis’  is a condition in which movements of the shoulder joint becomes progressively more restricted. It is More common in those of us over 40. Although the complaint starts through injury to the shoulder, it doesn’t  have to have been a major trauma. I have had clients who have ‘felt something pull’ whilst

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Trying not to lose sleep over insomnia

Sleep is so important for tissue repair and recovery. Often when we are experiencing pain for whatever reason – then sleep patterns become disturbed. Inadequate rest and recovery can lead to delayed repair which prolongs the pain, which can interfere with sleep patterns, which can mean inadequate repair which can prolong the pain………… etc etc. What

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