Hi., welcome to my home page. I hope after reading this you will feel better able to make some choices.

There is no ‘one treatment works for everyone’ solution. And quite often there are a number of treatments that do work. You have a choice. That choice can be based on any number pre- conceptions, knowledge or just gut feelings.

I first became involved in sports and massage way back in 1982

Early 80,s training for Tyne Tees TV interview.

Early 80,s  (Tyne Tees TV interview).

and, save for a brief spell, have been involved ever since.

Many people, be they professional sports people, keen amateurs, business people or busy mums and dads (or indeed, and most often, a combination of these) pick up niggling injuries and problems along the way. I’m not talking about the muscle tear or the broken leg but more those everyday, constant, wont go away shoulder pains, headaches and sore spots. It never fails to amaze me how people feel the need to ‘live with it’, and soldier on at work when for the most part this just isn’t the case. You’ll be surprised how quickly, by working together, some of these issues can be controlled.

I use a variety of massage and soft tissue techniques and skills to help resolve the problem. All treatment given will be explained. I work with female and male clients of all cultures. The ability to work together is essential to help us achieve your goals. If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable or ill at ease with any part of the treatment the solution is simple….we change it, and we find a way that you are comfy with and that still works.

Professional sports person or keen amateur? I work with both. (Your Therapist). Professional athletes usually have a medical team at their disposal and I work as part of this team in the recovery process. For the most part, amateur sports people don’t have this luxury. Post injury or not, in order to promote well-being and optimum performance recovery is vital. As the old saying goes ‘What’s the difference between a good professional and a good amateur? …..good recovery time!’.

But recovery is not just for those sporty types. We can all benefit from some ‘me time’. Many of my clients choose to have regular visits as part of a maintenance regime. Once every 4-5 weeks is fine. That way you become ‘body aware’ and get the treatment that enables you to carry on with your activities before issues become tiresome.

If you are seeing a medical specialist then I am more than happy to consult with that person to assist your treatments.

The first visit includes a free consultation. If either of us feel that what I offer is not for you then, you know what…. that’s fine. It very very rarely happens and you’re under no obligation.

See contact page for details of booking an appointment. (Contact me)